From the moment your child is born, it is important to begin administering proper care of their gums and teeth to avoid problems such as baby bottle tooth decay and premature loss of teeth.

Baby Bottle Syndrome (Tooth Decay)

Tooth decay occurs when a child's teeth come into frequent contact with sugars that are found in fruit juices, formula, sugar water and milk. Acids and sugars can accumulate in the mouth and begin the process of tooth decay.

Children with baby bottle syndrome are more susceptible to toothaches, difficulty feeding and middle ear infections. By cleaning your baby's gums after each feeding with a damp cloth, you may be able to avoid this form of tooth decay.

Premature Loss of Teeth

The early loss of baby teeth can be caused by decay and can easily be prevented with proper care and attention. By protecting your children's gums and teeth from an early age, you may avoid the damaging effects caused by the premature loss of teeth.

Baby teeth are a very important function for maintaining space and preparing your child's mouth for future growth of adult teeth. If these teeth are lost early, the spaces created can decrease in size dramatically, leaving an insufficient space for adult teeth.

With regular brushing, flossing and routine dental care, your child will appreciate the effectiveness of proper dentistry and develop a healthy smile.

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