During pregnancy, it is essential to maintain good dental hygiene. Due to the hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy, you may notice bleeding or inflamed gums, in which case we advise stopping in for a brief check-up.

While dental care is crucial to both mother and child, pregnancy can affect the mother's dental health in a variety of ways, such as increased gum sensitivity and tooth decay. If proper dental care during pregnancy is avoided, more serious problems like gingivitis or tumors may arise.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Caused by an increase in certain hormones, pregnancy gingivitis generally occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy, but can increase in severity throughout the second trimester. The hormonal increase associated with pregnancy can slow down the body's response to bacteria, leading to red, irritated or swollen gums. If gingivitis during pregnancy is not properly treated, a more serious form of gum disease called Peridontitis can develop, possibly causing preterm birth.

Pregnancy Tumors

Tumors can occur when the gum tissue responds to an irritant such as food or plaque, resulting in inflamed gum tissue growths in the mouth. Treatment typically involves a thorough cleaning to remove all irritants, along with a safe and effective at home dental care plan.

Be sure to advise our office if you are currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant. We may need to consult with your physician before prescribing any medication or performing certain procedures

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